My First Baby is One!

8:30:00 AM

A whole year. A WHOLE YEAR! I can't believe we are sitting here on Corinne's first birthday right now. She has blossomed into such a wonderful little girl that I just love so much. Shes an incredible kid and I know will make the best big sister. So, at her first birthday this is our Miss Corinne.

She loves laughing and playing! I'm pretty sure that her favorite time of day is when Brett gets home from work and immediately starts rolling around on the floor with her. She yells "Hiiiiiiiii!" and then giggles like crazy.

She has three little words, "Mama", "Dada", and "Hiiiii!" and I absolutely love any time she says any of them.

She's a little walking machine. Its her new favorite trick and when she knows she has an audience she will just make laps around the living room showing off her sweet new skills.

Reading books are still one of Corinne's favorite things to do. And of course I still love it. Our collection of children's books is getting larger by the month. If I ever need a few minutes of quiet I know that if I give her a book to look at she will sit there flipping the pages for plenty long enough.

She eats whatever we are eating and it is so fun to watch her find new favorite foods. Right now its chicken, pasta, salmon, and veggie straws.

Every day is such a fun new adventure. I feel like every day my heart grows more and more for this little girl. I never know what each day will bring and even though there are moments of stress and frustration its incredible how those feelings can melt away so easily with a little smile and a hug.

We love you Miss Corinne! We love the little girl you are and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

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