Jared's Birth Story

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 A year ago when I shared Corinne’s birth story it was short and sweet. This time I am hoping to do the same thing, but it was quite the experience so we will see. I figure that nobody is going to click over to read a birth story unless they are actually interested, right?  His newborn pictures we had taken just 5 days after he was born are scattered throughout and at the end of the post as well, so at least keep scrolling to see those. Having a best friend that is a photographer is awesome, I highly recommend it. So here we go, the story of how Jared joined our little family on the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Like most pregnant women, I was feeling super lousy during the last few weeks, and especially the few days before I went into the hospital. When I was pregnant with Jared I never had the energy that I had when pregnant with Corinne, and my sciatic nerve had been giving me a really hard time for a while so it was hard to tell just how close I was to the end. I had been so miserable for so long that I was surprised to find out that I was already dilated to a 2.5 and 50% effaced when I still had three weeks to go. I couldn’t believe that things were already happening and I had no idea.

When the doctor gave me the results he said that the fact that I was already dilating combined with the fact that I had a baby just a year earlier meant that once I was in real labor it was going to probably happen really fast, so I needed to hurry into the hospital earlier than normal. So naturally everyone started freaking out that I was going to go into labor the next day, but I still wasn’t convinced. Although I did decide that it was probably time to go home and pack a hospital bag. So I did do that. And after filling my mom in on the situation she decided to change her flight and come in 4 days earlier so she’d still have time for Corinne to get comfortable with her in case I did go into labor early.

Late at night on February 13th we were getting ready for bed and I remember thinking that I had a Braxton Hicks contraction that seemed harder than the ones leading up to it, but it was isolated and I only felt it on one side. When I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom I thought there might have been another one, but just went back to bed instead of worrying about it. Finally I wake up in the morning and just feel a new kind of miserable. Brett and my mom keep asking me if I am okay, but I tell them that I’ll feel better if I just go take a shower. Well the shower makes me feel a little better because I’m clean, but doesn’t do anything for the back pain and contractions, which are now coming regularly, but I think they are still 15-20 minutes apart. I go ahead and let Brett convince me to go to the hospital, but I take my time, let my mom take a shower and make sure Corinne is all fed and set up for the day. To be honest I was just having a really hard time leaving Corinne when I knew that there was a good chance I’d be having a baby and things would never be the same. I finally head out the door at about 10:00 am and check into the hospital by 10:30.

Checked in and getting ready to start the process! Obviously I was feeling wonderful, based on my looks here. 
Once they got me all set up in the triage room with the monitor it comes out that I am an idiot and couldn’t feel all the contractions. Turns out they are already 5-10 minutes apart. However, I’m not dilated any further so they can’t tell me if they are going to keep me or not. Instead they unhook me from the machines and send me out to walk the hallways, telling me not to come back unless my water breaks or it has been at least an hour. While we walked, we chatted, finalized his name, and generally marveled about how much our lives were going to change in a few hours. Eventually the contractions started to hurt enough that I was having to stop and breathe through them occasionally. Not to mention the fact that my hips and back were now hurting like crazy.

When I headed back to the triage room they determined that they were going to keep me and let me deliver, even though I had barely dilated any further, but the walking brought my contractions down to only 2 minutes apart. The nurses finished the check-in process, get me some ice chips and lunch for Brett, and let me know that they don’t have a delivery room for me that second but as soon as they get it set up the will start the process of my epidural, breaking my water, and maybe some pitocin since I was progressing so slow.

Too bad it took another almost three hours! Turns out that all the rooms were actually full so they were just letting me hang out in triage hoping that I wouldn’t all of a sudden decide to have a baby right away. So I spent a few hours hanging out on the little stretcher and wasn’t moved to a delivery room until 4:00 pm. Once they got me hooked back up to the monitor to decide what to do next they noticed that in those hours my contractions had spaced back out to 10 minutes. Funny how sitting still in a closet will do that. Haha!

When they realized my contractions were so far apart again but that I was already here to have a baby they got me my epidural, and pitocin and told me to take a nap and let the drugs do their job. Sadly the epidural only worked on one side, and only a little bit at that.  When I brought it up they just said to give it more time and to let them know if I started feeling too much pain. After a few more hours I still wasn’t progressing so they broke my water and gave me the weird peanut pillow and had me keep rolling to either side every hour or so.

Finally at about 10:00 pm the pitocin and peanut pillow did their job and all of a sudden my contractions were coming and they were starting to hurt. By 11:00 I was fully progressed, and it had all gone so fast that I didn’t have time for them to fix the epidural. So while the nurses were getting everything ready for the doctor to come in I was trying not to freak out with pain. Not because I am brave, but because I am vain and didn’t want all these strange nurses to judge me for not handling it well. Instead I just kept looking at Brett and saying “It hurts. It hurts. It hurts….” Over and over.

Since it was so late at night by regular doctor wasn’t going to make it anymore, so they called the on-call doctor and she was in a few minutes later. The actual deliver went great. At first I was afraid to push because it hurt so bad, but then I realized that the longer it took to get him out, the longer the pain was going to last, so I pushed as hard as I could. He was here in about 15 minutes, after which my body promptly went into shock but I didn’t even notice right away because of those awesome endorphins! Brett was making fun of me because of how instantly my mood changed, but I was so insanely happy. That initial skin to skin bonding is so wonderful that I always forget whatever else is going on in the room and am surprised when they as to take him eventually to do all his checks.

He was born at 11:45 pm with just 15 minutes to spare in becoming our little Valentine’s Baby. He was a little bigger than his sister, coming in at 8 lbs 14 oz and 20.5 inches long.

All the nurses and doctors did all the checks on me and Jared, plus all the paperwork and processing always takes a long time after a birth and by the time we were moved to the Recovery room and the nurses could actually leave us alone it was after 3:00 am and we were absolutely exhausted. All three of us fell right to sleep.

The next morning did come too fast though, but the day was wonderful. My mom brought Corinne for a visit which was both fun and stressful. To be honest I was worried about it because she is so young and doesn’t understand how to be soft yet, but she wasn’t really that interested so it actually worked out pretty well. We enjoyed a few celebratory meals and soaked in a whole day of our new little guy. That night Brett went home to spend time with Corinne and sleep and my mom came to hang out with me in the hospital. It was good for Corinne to have her dad for a while and the next day when we came home he was all rested and ready to help with that transition. He brought Corinne back with him the next morning for another quick visit before my mom left with her and we got the chance to pack up in peace and come home.

Coming in the door and sitting in our living room with our new little boy and his sister is when it all hit home for me. We had left the newborn-hospital bubble and here we were at home with our two children.
Right after we walked through the door and saw our little girl!

Life over the last month has been a time of transition, but I am so happy to do it. Jared brings all the joy that new babies bring and I love him so much. He’s a wonderful little boy and I can’t wait to see the little person that he becomes. Every day he pushes further and further into my heart and I’m such a happy (exhausted, but happy) mom.

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