Easter 2017

1:40:00 PM

Our Easter weekend was a blast this year! Things are getting so much fun now that Corinne is getting older. She's at the funny age where she is old enough that Easter was special and fun, but young enough that she is providing unending entertainment because she doesn't quite get it just right, ha!

We started Saturday with an Egg Hunt and breakfast at our park with our church congregation where Corinne learned quickly that the eggs had candy on the inside. We tried to get her to put the eggs in her basket, but she would just pick them up one at a time, eat the inside, drop it, and move on to the next. I do have to say it was extremely adorable.

We went home long enough to change clothes and headed out to the beach! We were meeting a group a friends, stopped to pick up lunch on the way and spent a solid 3 hours on the sand! I was worried about having such a busy day with the two babies and the fact that the beach was going to push nap time back a couple hours, but it went so well! It was nice to have both of us parents unlike when Its the middle of the week. I was actually able to enjoy the time spent chase Corinne back and forth between the chairs and surf. She absolutely loves when the water washes over her toes, even though it was freezing. She is just becoming such a little girl with a fun and playful personality.

After such a busy Saturday, we had the perfect Easter Sunday spending time together as a family at church, at home relaxing, and sharing a holiday meal with some friends. Spending time around people we love is our favorite thing to do during holidays, and watching the little girls play around, chasing the rabbits in the yard and giggling over the bubbles was just melting my heart.

I love looking back over the years and seeing how our lives have changed from year to year, and holidays have always been one of the comparison points for me. Last year we were celebrating Corinne joining our family, the year before we had just started out on this California adventure. In three years we have come so far, and I can't wait to see how different our lives are going to be in another three years!

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