Post Pregnancy Fitness Plan

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I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but I had two babies back to back, born one year and two weeks apart. That means my fitness journey is starting at an absolute and total zero. Before my first pregnancy I was able to keep up a pretty good activity level through the whole nine months (in fact the day my water broke I went on a five mile walk/hike). However, after giving birth I had a really hard recovery and it took a long time before I felt comfortable doing anything other than waking.

This second pregnancy was the opposite. I had so much general pain and was uncomfortable that it hurt to be active pretty early in the pregnancy. Long walks and days that were busy with errands would totally wipe me out and sometimes leave me sore the next day. Luckily recovery has been wonderful, and I’ve been itching to get active again. I just got the official doctor approval to start real exercise, and since I am not able to nurse my babies anyway, I’m really excited to get going. Well, get going at level zero at least.

I do have about 20-25 pounds to lose to get to pre-baby weight, but I am really just focused on getting back to the same level of fitness. I know my body has changed from childbirth and I don’t quite know what my new target weight will be until I can solve the fitness question. I figure if I just focus on my fitness level, the weight will take care of itself. Since it has been two years, I’m not sure how quickly I will be able to progress through this plan, but I’m motivated by the challenge. For now, I am just focusing on the path rather than the time frame.

STEP ONE: Walking & Yoga

I’ve gone out for a few short walks, but only what I could do in flip flops while my toes were healing. This week is my first week back with my friends and our standing date for a morning walk in our nearby wilderness parks. Our route usually ranges from 2-4 miles depending on which trail we take, the weather, and how we are feeling that day. These walks bring me life. I feel great for getting outside and moving, but also give me the chance to spend time around other adults and I love our conversations.

Right before I got pregnant with Corinne I was finally getting good enough at yoga that I felt comfortable telling people that it was one of my regular activities. While I have been able to keep a fair amount of flexibility, the strength is gone. I love the videos and 30 day challenges put together by Adriene, and plan to keep following her. Knowing I was able to do it in the past is helping me stay motivated and remember that it is worth it to keep pushing forward, even though I know it will take a long time to get back where I was.

STEP TWO: Cardio 

Since I have obviously lost my wind, I plan on building that back up by alternating between cycling for long distances and using the elliptical for shorter, faster distances. Once I’ve got the elliptical down and can handle using that for a full 30 minutes at a decent pace, I will switch over to the treadmill for some walk/jogging before finally building up to my full on jogging with the giant double stroller. Pushing that stroller is quite the workout all on its own, haha! Jogging has always been one of my favorites because it was something that Brett and I can easily do together and it gets us out of the house. Some of my favorite conversations and time spent together have been because we would go running together.

STEP THREE: Body weight Workouts/Pilates

There are so many different places online to find good body weight exercises (and HIIT workouts). Several years ago I found the videos on YouTube done by Cassy Ho and her Blogilates website. I have weird feelings about it though. I love her workouts, the way she is always changing the monthly calendar, and that she has great beginner workouts before going to the full thing. And when I was doing these workouts consistently I was definitely seeing results. However, I find her ‘brand’ to be a little frustrating. The more popular she became the more she zeroed in on her target market that I sometimes describe as “stereotype sorority girl”. There are lots of emojis, kissy faces, and everything is “sexy” or “flirty” or “bootay!!”. I feel silly being a married woman with children, even though I am still in my 20s. I tend to turn on my own music instead of listening to her talking, but can still watch to follow the workouts. Just as a warning if you are going to check it out. I see such wonderful results that it is worth it for me.

Whew! I’m a little tired just thinking about how far I have to go, but I honestly can’t wait to get started. Eventually Brett and I have talked about becoming gym people. He has always been big into running and playing basketball, but from so much of those two things the podiatrist recently told him that he has the ankles of a man in his 60s rather than late 20s. So he is on the hunt to find some new exercises, maybe getting into weights or mountain biking. We will see where the future brings us! I plan on keeping you guys updated on my progress, which honestly will get a little easier once I get past the walking/yoga stage.

What do you think?
Any good tips for starting from zero again after a long break from fitness?

My three step plan to lose the baby weight. This simple guideline is a great framework for starting from level zero after pregnancy. Check out the post and let me know what you think! What are your favorite go-to fitness routines when you are getting out of a slump?

My three step plan to lose the baby weight. This simple guideline is a great framework for starting from level zero after pregnancy. Check out the post and let me know what you think! What are your favorite go-to fitness routines when you are getting out of a slump?

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