Welcome to Summit to Shoreline!

I'm Robyn and I truly believe that life gives us chances to blossom in every stage of life and situation.

On this blog you will see moments of life as a wife and mother of one (almost 2!), creating our home, planting our roots here in California, and things I do to bring a little more joy and happiness into my life. A part of me still lives in the mountains where I grew up, but through my adult life I've worked my way down to the coast of California. I look at this as just an outward representation of my growth and development through adulthood as I transitioned from a single college student all the way to a wife and mother. I may not have known where life was going to take me, but committing to enjoy each step as it happened has helped me to thrive wherever I am, from summit to shoreline and everywhere in between.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out through comments or email (summittoshorelineblog [at] gmail [dot] com).