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I love accomplishing things (checking of items on a list is my favorite!). I make lists for everything. I love the feeling you get when you finish a task or you reach a goal. My biggest issue is that I get too excited and I try to take on too much. 

The new year always brings around feelings of excitement and anxiety because of this contradiction. I absolutely hate failure, but cherish success. Each time I would miss some time working on a goal, I would completely restart the next week. The result is too many stops and starts to let me accomplish anything. 

This year is different! I have simple goals that I already want to accomplish, not ones that I want to want. I am determined to make it work!

  1. Exercise at least 5 days a week (connected to that: Brett and I will run a 10K together). The 5 days don't even have to be the same workout or same intensity. Just so long as I am doing something.
  2. Drink more water a day, any amount is good seeing as how I don't drink much now. (so far this is the most difficult one, weird right?)
  3. Daily study the scriptures and improve my personal spirituality
  4. Continue to succeed in school by working hard daily and (once again) checking off lists
My first step new bright blue Nike running shoes I got for my birthday. Having cute shoes is a great motivation to stay active!

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  1. great goals robyn!
    i love lists too, seriously.
    they help everything!
    good luck this year lady!