Resolution Recap

3:09:00 PM

Remember here when I outlined my resolutions for the 2013 year? Well here we are halfway through the year and its time for some accountability.

Exercise 5 days a week

I made an Excel spreadsheet with every day of the year as its own box. Months run across the top and days down the side. I can not even tell you how helpful this has been to watch my progress. I printed off a copy for my cork board that I highlight when I finish a workout, and update it every month on the computer. Here are the results so far!  The grey days are Sundays when I don't exercise, green is a workout day, blue is the rest day, red is a missed day, and pink is any day that I was legitimately sick. Lets just not talk about March though deal?

Drink more water a day

This has been so amazing! Drinking more water has made me feel great. It has been helpful that I have a desk job when I am not in class. I just type and drink water all afternoon.

Daily scripture study

Definitely more improved! I love reading the scriptures with my husband most mornings. It is a great way to start our day and makes a huge difference in my overall attitude.

Hard work and success in school

Success! Two semesters in a row with nothing less than an A- does a lot for anyone's self esteem, but it has been great for me. We will see how summer classes finish out. After taking that year off school during the first year Brett and I were married it is wonderful to be back in the swing of education. Gosh I get nerdy about education in general. I should probably write about that sometime.

Six months down, six to go! I can't wait to see where I am at the end of December.

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