Thunder and Dark Clouds

6:00:00 AM

This picture was taken when we went with our ward to the Jordan River Temple over the weekend. I had to snap a picture for two reasons. First, I had never been here before, so why not take a picture with a large beautiful building. Second, I had to catch these clouds. 

We have had about a week worth of summer thunderstorms and it has been amazing. I love walking out the door in the morning to be able to smell the rain in the air. On the downside, it goes from warm and sunny, to warm and thunderstorm in about 5 minutes, so its been pretty unpredictable. That aside, thunderstorms are still one of my favorite things. It probably comes from the fact that each time a storm would hit my parents would wake us all up, wrap us in blankets and we would pull the kitchen chairs out to the covered front porch. I loved it then, and I love it now. 

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