Basketball Night

9:00:00 AM

We are both huge fans of basketball, as has been established multiple times (here and here). That is why I was so surprised when Brett told me that he had never been to a BYU basketball game. He moved here in 2007, and other than his 2 year mission, has lived here ever since. I on the other hand spent way too much time going to nearly every home game for my first two years at school. We were so happy when one of Brett’s coworkers had two tickets she wasn't going to use and let us use them instead. By coincidence, Brett’s brother, his new wife and her sister were also at the game so we were able to meet up with them for a little while too, although we didn't get a picture of all of us for some reason.

Don’t worry though, Brett isn't wearing a BYU shirt, but rather the Powell’s Books shirt that he wears all the time. Good thing it is a good shirt and I love the fact that my husband loves books and is wearing a shirt in support of a bookstore not run by a university! 

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