Our Busy Spring

9:00:00 AM

There have been a few things to happen over the last couple weeks that were just not documented to their full potential. So I am doing it now.
  • Spring finally came! We had new snow one morning then four days later it is 70 and beautiful. I have loved not having to carry a coat around campus anymore. There is nothing more annoying than when it is cold when you leave your house in the morning, but then by the time you are done with your first class its warm again. 
  • My friend Jill got back to Utah! I was so happy when she stopped by the night she drove in just to say hi and then the next day when she still showed up for our HIMYM date. She still has some catching up to do, so we just watched a couple and spent time catching up, but it was so nice to sit down and have a conversation face to face.
  • We had the semi-annual Waffles and Apostles breakfast, one of my favorite activities of the year, and I had every intention of taking pictures, but we were running behind and in my hurry I totally forgot. My sister came over with her new boyfriend and we all ate our weight's worth in waffles, hash browns, scrambled eggs and omelets (mine with egg whites and veggies of course!), and banana bread. Okay I admit, Brett and I ate our weight's worth, the other two just ate like normal people. 
  • We have finished all our big projects for school. For Brett that means lots of group work. For me it is writing lots of papers. The good news is that now that we are done we can focus on our finals and knock those out of the park!
  • I got a much needed haircut. I was having some serious split ends and my layers had disappeared. I loved how subtle my layers were when I got a trim in December, but they had vanished. Now my layers are a little more pronounced, but my overall hair still has the same style. I have tried going shorter in the past, but I just love my hair long like this. Its so versatile and I just feel more comfortable. 
  • We have begun the process of saying goodbye to people that we either won't see for four months, or that we may not see for an undefined amount of time since they are graduating. The end of the school year always comes with so many dinners and last minute get-togethers and this one is no exception. In fact there are so many they might just get a whole post dedicated to them. 

So there it is. Playing a little bit of catch-up for things I should have taken pictures for and celebrating the little things that you can't capture in an image.

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