Lee Family Reunion 2014

9:53:00 AM

Every two years Brett's mom organizes a family reunion. Since all their kids have lived in Utah for the last couple years, the last couple have happened close to home. Two years ago the festivities were late enough in summer that we all went out to a cabin. This time everything needed to be done before Brett and I left for Seattle, so we made Payson the base of operations.

Friday night is traditionally supposed to a family talent show, something that I loose sleep over. I have no talent that can be done in a living room. Am I good at stuff? Probably. But "talented" in the way of a talent show. Haha, no. Well this time it was changed to a karaoke night, which to me is pretty much the same thing. To try and take some of the pressure off Brett was gracious enough to do a ridiculous rap duet so nobody could possibly think that we were being serious. Luckily some of the other family do have talent and were able to provide some actual entertainment. Laurel blew us all out of the water with her performance of "I Will Survive" and won most of the votes for the night. (These pictures are a little blurry, weird that everybody had a desire to dance while they sang).

Matt represented Mr. Brandon Flowers, a family favorite, by jamming out to some "Mr. Brightside."

Alicia and her cute family all worked together with their rendition of "Call Me, Maybe" complete with a feather boa. Michelle was smart enough to do a karaoke classic all can love. I mean "Don't Stop Believin'" is one I should have thought of!

Saturday, after rain ruined our plans to go to Lagoon, we all ended up at the Provo Beach Resort. It seemed like a good place to go with lots of options including virtual golf, a rope's course, croquet, bowling, arcade games, and indoor surfing. It also turned out to be one of those days where there was too much going on to carry a camera around. Luckily Megan snapped a picture of me trying to surf. Too bad I couldn't stay up long enough for the picture not to be a huge wipe-out. I tried a few more times, but after hitting the bottom so hard that I ended up with a swollen chin and huge scratch down my back I decided I was done. It was a good thing to try, and Brett and I never would have spent the money on it without this kind of excuse. 

Sunday was a lot more chill with a craft and the 'award ceremony' when the winners get bragging rights to the week's activities. Each Lee child was given a set of Russian nesting dolls to paint in whatever way they want. I wanted to keep it simple, reducing the chance of an error and also not using up the whole day. Then I realized that I may as well do super heroes, cuz let's be real, we kind of like super heroes. I think they turned out great, nice and simple how I wanted. Partially because I picked the easiest ones to paint, I mean Batman, so simple.
When it came time to announce the winners it was no surprise to learn that Laurel won karaoke night. The other two categories were for the most complete activity checklist at Provo Beach Resort and the Nesting Dolls. Scott and Megan checked off the most at the Resort, taking a divide and conquer technique. I won the Nesting Doll competition, although to some of the other girl's benefit they just ran out of time. Some of them were quite intricate and their kids helped paint so they have charm.

Naturally, all the kids got an award too. Someday they will be old enough to realize that their awards outnumber the amount of games, someday. :)

It was a great weekend full of family and fun. We will have to see what ends up happening in two more years. 

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