June Goal Recap-Halfway Through 2014

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  • Physical:
    • Exercising is continuing to go well. I am finally to the point where I actually miss running. This last week was crazy and made it difficult to go running often, but I am loving doing it this week and look forward to a long run this weekend. Working towards that half marathon!
    • On another good note, I had a checkup and my cholesterol is going down! It still isn't as low as we had hoped, but dropping from 247 to 224 is at least moving in the right direction. My goal (and the doctor's) is to get it below 200, but I don't know how long that will take, seeing as I already don't eat red meat, dairy, or eggs. We will see how it keeps going.
  • Spiritual:
    • My spiritual study has also improved lately. I had a lot of time on my own when our job schedules didn't line up very well, and I started reading The Book of Mormon again from the beginning following the breakdown in the student study manual found here. It has been good to read a more significant amount each time and actually think more deeply about what I read. If you are searching for some motivation, it also helps to be able to check off the lessons as you go. I do get satisfaction from that. :)
  • Social:
    • Well it is about as hard to make friends here as I expected it to be. I have lots of people that I can talk to, so that is nice. Honestly, I am kind of enjoying having this summer be more about Brett and myself and our families. We had a couple friends come visit us too, and that was one of the highlights of the summer so far.
  • Financial:
    • I was finally able to get my full time job going, and have been working there for about a month now. Its nice to see those paychecks coming in and to have a little savings building up now when we talk about our money each week.
    • On the down side, we are going to need to buy a new car here in the next week or so. Brett was waiting at an intersection to turn left when someone hit him from behind. Luckily, Brett was able to walk away without injuries other than some soreness from whip lash, but our car is totaled. We will find out tomorrow how much the other driver's insurance will give us for our old car and hopefully we can get things settled soon. We will have to see how many of my paychecks this summer go towards that!
  • Intellectual:
    • I am reading so many books, and I love it! I spend about two hours on the bus each day, and reading during my lunch break brings me up to almost 3 hours a day that I just get to read. I am in heaven. So far I have been able to knock out The Hobbit, The Secret Keeper, and the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo. I should also be finishing The Fellowship of the Ring within the next couple days and then its time for another massive trip to the library.
So there we are. Halfway through the year and I think I am doing pretty well. These last six months have been exactly what they needed to be. I have accomplished a lot by making sure to focus on goals that are easily broken down into smaller tasks, and things I want to do, not just want to want to do. I am excited to see where I end up six months from now when its time to look back on an entire year.

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