When Did This Happen? On Accomplishment Without Trying

6:20:00 AM

I was writing the last post when I happened to see that it was the 199th post, meaning that this was post number 200. I was shocked! Maybe this is a bad thing to admit, but I hadn't noticed just how many of these I had done compared to the past. I tend to be critical of myself and only remember the weeks when I didn't post anything. All the times I saw something or did something that I didn't take a picture of because of self consciousness. That this is post #200 means that I am also getting close to my goal of writing 100 blog posts this year (in fact this post is the 89th already) and I had a moment of pride.

This is the third time in a week I have felt empowered, not by an accomplishment, but rather by my progress. The first happened when I ran 5 miles last Saturday. After we realized we weren't going to be running our half marathon next week, we, particularly I, really slacked off, blaming it on the fact that we did a lot of traveling in July and that I would have to work my way back up again. Before  we canceled our race our next step on our training was to run 5 miles. Coming back to it after a few weeks I was feeling really bad about how little I had done for a couple weeks. Well I decided to run 3 miles one day and when Brett mentioned wanting to do 5 I simply agreed before I could think about it. And I did it. The whole 5 miles. Picking up right where I left off, learning that I could keep going and didn't need to start from scratch again.

The second is also exercise related. Tuesday, after a really hard yoga workout that had my muscles angry the next day I did an unassisted headstand for the first time since I was a kid. This may seem small but I was excited. When I started doing yoga regularly I picked a hard pose I wanted to work towards in order to always have that goal, well a scorpion is hard, and this was just another step on the way. 

So now here I am, with a third reminder that no matter the circumstances I can find joy in my journey and progression in life. That I can feel so insure and yet so calm about a hobby and see myself growing. Writing these blog posts is something that Brett doesn't get, my friends don't always get, and honestly most of the time I feel like I don't get it, but the more I press on, the more I love it.

So here is to branching out. To realizing that trying to be better this week than last week works. To making progress a habit, no matter what the circumstances. To knowing that accomplishment comes through overall consistency, not through perfection, and a desire to keep going. 

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  1. Amazing job, girl! Every accomplishment whether big or small is so worth feeling proud of. I love your attitude!!