Our Favorite Seattle Places

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We did so much amazing stuff this summer, and with the first day of fall quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to spend some time remembering summer before I get too excited about fall. Not being in school and living in a new part of the country sure helped increase the number of our fun activities, and I for one was surprised to see it all listed out. So here it is, our favorite places we found in he Seattle area this summer.

Carkeek Park
Definitely our go-to park. We came here for our first walk on the beach, for a Saturday picnic, to show family, and once to try to run the trails. Turned out to have lots of stairs so that didn't last long.

Safeco Field
Hello baseball! The combination of baseball and family made the day a hit (pun intended). It also got me sentimental about going to a Mariners game on our honeymoon.

Kerry Park and Queen Anne
The greatest view of the city. I'm sure it is always beautiful, but being there at sunset when the sky was clear was amazing. The colors were so vibrant that I am so glad someone with a nice camera was there to catch it.

Llandover Park
Another one of our go-to locations. Most of the time wanted to mix up our runs with some hills and some shade. Once we went just on a Sunday walk. What remained consistent is that we could never remember what it was called. I always thought it was Lavender, Brett thought maybe Labrador. I had to look it up just to write this post.

13 Coins
Diner food in a fancy leather booth? Yes please. Delicious, if a little overpriced for diner food.

The Root Beer Store
What more can I say, it is a Root Beer Store. Every first Saturday of the month you can go in for a free tasting and then take your pick from the walls of bottled root beer. I highly recommend Frosty's vanilla flavored root beer. It seriously tastes like a root beer float.

Green Lake
We ran around this lake so many times. A flat 3 mile circumference made it the perfect location. It was also great to see so many kinds of people there enjoying the sun.

Bastyr University
Natural Medicine school located by Lake Washington and Saint Edwards State Park. The school is pretty small, but the architecture and the location are amazing. The chapel was closed off the day we went, but even looking at the pictures you can tell how beautiful it is.

Saint Edwards State Park
This park is on the edge of Lake Washington and includes shoreline, wooded trails, a community pool, large fields, a baseball and cricket field, and an old seminary building. Similar to Bastyr, the architecture was amazing to see.

Downtown Waterfront
This is somewhere we have been lots of times at this point. My favorite part about the waterfront in Seattle is how quickly you actually get there. You are getting off the freeway, then all of a sudden, bam! You are driving down a hill and you realize you are right there, with the piers and the skyscrapers all at once. I love it there.

LDS Temple
The grounds and the interior of an LDS temple are the post peaceful places I have ever been. Aside from the peace and clarity that makes any visit enjoyable, I love seeing the way the architecture and the grounds are adapted to the location. The Seattle temple has such amazing greenery on the grounds, and the motifs are in organic patterns. And the stained glass window? Blue and green. Its fabulous.

Richmond Beach
We loved Richmond Beach. Its larger than the beach found at Carkeek, allowing for a fun walk along the water. We got up first thing in the morning on a Saturday, packed up some muffins and fruit, grabbed the baseball gloves, and spent a few hours relaxing on the sand. I highly recommend a morning on the beach.

Lake Washington
I'm a girl from North Idaho, one of my favorite landscapes is a big lake, and boy does Lake Washington deliver. This lake is huge! There is an island in the middle of it so large that there is an entire city on it, and ya, it costs a ton to live there.

University of Washington Campus
Going to BYU means that I am used to a college campus being its own little world. A single student has almost no reason to leave campus. UW on the other hand is so integrated into the city. The first time I went I din't realize how quickly campus would sneak up on me. I loved seeing all the apartments above the little shops and resturaunts. And the fact that campus goes right down to the water adds another level of beauty. My favorite part however, is the Suzzullo Library.

So there you have it. All of our favorite places to see in the Seattle area. Hopefully we have a chance to make it back to a few, and add even more to the list.

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