Explore California: Aliso Summit Trail in Orange County

8:45:00 AM

Last weekend we decided to do some outdoor exploring our new area by going on a hike just a short distance from our house. Where we live is interesting because it is all at once city, suburb, and outdoor friendly and we can get to any of these options within 30 minutes. We both love being outside, so this works for us. More thoughts on this are coming in a later post.

We decided to start simple, finding a nearby lookout point and taking in all the scenery. Aliso Summit Trail was perfect for this and started just a 5 minute drive away. The trail starts on a ridge next to a neighborhood that overlooks the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and then works its way farther out the ridge to a lookout in the park.

We did a shorter version of the hike, starting at the trail head found on Talavera Dr. in Laguna Niguel. This made the trail just under a mile (one way) to the top of the lookout. For a full version of the hike, see this link. This shorter version was perfect for us to do on an evening like we did and made it possible to view the sunset from the lookout and make it back to the car before it was too dark to see.

Being able to get out to the top of this ridge and see the entire area where we lived was great for us. We could see the ocean, city, and mountains in the distance and the Wilderness park that is so nearby. We can't wait to keep exploring these areas and getting to know the little landmarks that make up our new home!

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