Crocheted Blanket Tradition

8:00:00 AM

I spoke once before on the blog about how my great grandmother taught me to crochet and that I love keeping up the tradition now that I am grown up and she passed away several years ago. I have made several blankets for close friends and sisters who have had babies in the last year and the hardest part was picking a pattern that I liked but that wouldn't take my whole life to finish. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately what pattern I wanted to do.

I spent some time with a sketch pad, some scrap yarn, and the blanket my mom was given by my great grandmother. I was able to look at the blanket, sketch it out and eventually come out with the pattern to recreate the same one. The entire time that I was working on this blanket my excitement kept building for Corinne to join our family and I felt so close to my grandmother. I can't wait to lay our sweet baby out on this blanket and see her use it for the rest of her life just like I do with mine.

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