Corinne at 8 Months

9:30:00 AM

Eight months old! I can't believe it and I love it at the same time. She is the best little sidekick a woman could ask for. Shes so giggly and playful. And that smile she throws when she squishes up her eyes, wrinkles her nose, and flashes those two little front teeth just kills me every time.

She's still not crawling, but somehow is still mobile? Explain that one to me. I have never seen so much controlled flopping. I should probably be impressed, really. Even though she's not crawling yet, she sure is close. I'm afraid to look away in case I miss it! Her favorite thing to do these days it to pull herself up to a standing position using anything she can get her hands on. Shes definitely not steady enough to be trying to move or let go, but shes getting more and more brave. It's a good thing those diapers add some padding, there have been a lot of falls.

She's getting more aware of what is going on around her, and forming her own little opinions. it's been funny. She is the most flirty little girl ever and if there is another kid around, no matter the age, she just wants to play. Its getting harder for her to see her friends that are 9-12 months older than her without feeling left out. When she finally can crawl and be able to keep up a little better she will be much happier!

But with this greater awareness comes some other great things. I think my favorite is that she has fallen in love with books. They are her favorite toy to play with right now and sitting on my lap reading a book is about the only way I can get her to sit still right now. I just keep on reading them to her over and over again. If she falls in love with reading then I will be such a happy mom. That's almost all I want as a mother. Almost.

But just like always we love our little girl and can't wait to see what else is coming our way!

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