Holiday Shopping Guide For Babies!

8:00:00 AM

For the final installment of my holiday gift guides (see the one for mom and dad) I put together a fun list for the baby of the family! This list happens to work well with 9-12 months where Corinne is at now, and I decided that if I didn't narrow it down to some level I'd just be linking the whole internet! So click through and enjoy!

Wooden Blocks: Corinne's favorite toys are the wooden ones, so I think this 100 piece set would be perfect in our house.
New Clothes: Babies always need new clothes, and now that I'm just a few months from delivery again, I'm looking at toddler girl and baby boy! Talk about a rabbit hole...
Christmas PJs: Having Corinne in some Christmas jammies is one of the things I am most looking forward to this year! And I might even put the tutu on, we will have to see just how festive I am feeling.
Wooden Puzzles: Again, wooden toys seem to be a hit and I just need to get a variety of puzzles.
Stacking Toys: This is my favorite stacking toy I have found, it has a bunch of rings, and again, they are solid wood, no cheap plastic. And the best part is its only a couple dollars more than the cheapy plastic one, so that made the upgrade easy!
Sensory Cube: One of my friends has this for her baby and Corinne loves playing with it so much that we ordered it too. However all toys that make noise do sure get annoying after a while so I love that this one has an off switch for the noise and lights, but that there is still plenty for her to enjoy on the other sides. 
First 100 Words: This book is perfect for a diaper bag. Its something I pull out when I need to keep Corinne a little distracted/occupied, but might not be able to read an actual story. We can just flip through the pages and point out some of her favorite things. 
Walker: As if babies need more encouragement to move! Mine sure seems plenty motivated lately.
Toddler Dress Ups: I was going to keep this list gender neutral, but this set of 4 complete princess dress ups for only $30 right now. I have been telling all my friends with daughters.
BabyLit Books: These books are some of my favorites and I want to buy them all! They take literature classics and set them to a different toddler theme, like counting, colors, or emotions. They also have another series about National Parks and other parts of the country. Go check them out!

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