5 Ways to Help Hit Your Reading Goal for the Year

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Click through to see the 5 things I am doing this year to make sure I hit my reading goal. How many of these apply to you, too?
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2016 was an interesting year for me in regards to reading. For most of the year I had a really hard time getting into any of the books I was reading which was so discouraging. But then during the last couple months of the year I was able to jump back in again and I have been plowing through my reading list. Its been so enjoyable to see the books I have already read in January and even though I will be having a baby next month I really hope to keep up at least some of the momentum. Here are the five things I plan on doing to try to make that happen!

Set A Flexible Goal

This year I decided to try for 25 books. Since I do have a new baby coming and still have a baby to raise I didn't want to put a lot of pressure on myself, but I wanted it to be a worthy goal. My thought process behind choosing 25 is that I can read 2 books a month (plus one somewhere to make it an even 25) giving me the chance to read that month's selection for book club (see below) but also a book of my choice. I should be able to manage that. 

Utilize Goodreads

The last few years I have been using the Goodreads Reading Challenge to track the books I have read in a year. My favorite part of the Reading Challenge is that it not only saves the number of books you have read, but also which ones. Its helpful when I am trying to remember when I read something. I love using Goodreads to track and find new books. There are a few people that I love to follow there to get recommendations and its so convenient to have it all in one place. Seeing the little counter that tells me how far I am into my reading goal is perfect motivation and accountability for me, especially because I know other people can see it too. 

Participate in Book Club

I'm part of a local book club that meets once a month. I have found that even if I am not excited to read the book when it is selected, or even if I'm not enjoying it as much as I want to while I read, I come away from the discussion night with a much higher level of appreciation for the book, the author, and the other ladies I read it with.  

Place Holds at the Library

When we first moved to California two years ago and I got my Orange County Library Card I was shocked to see that you had to pay a fee to place a book on hold. However, the fee is only $0.25, yes I was irritated on principle that I would have to pay a quarter in order to check out the book I wanted from the free library. And because I am apparently a crazy person I refused to put books on hold for months and months. Finally I decided that it was worth the quarter and I am so glad that I did. Actually using the Hold availability has allowed me to read the books I want to read, not just the ones I can find at my local branch. It also is so exciting to get the notification that my book is ready, go pick it up, and usually start it right away. 

Follow Other Trusted Readers

There are a few other bloggers and friends that I trust their book recommendations and love to use them for ideas. Turning to others for recommendations also helps me read a variety of genres instead of just getting stuck in my comfort zone, eventually ending in burnout. My favorite bloggers right now are Danica and Janssen. I love the way they read both fiction and nonfiction and trying to do the same has been so beneficial to my reading. In fact I either just read, or have on hold several nonfiction books thanks to their combined suggestions ranging from goal setting, education, and parenting.

At the end of every month I will do one post sharing the books I read and a short, simple summary and review of them. I hope that I will be able to help inspire others as well as keep the memories of these books to look back on. I can't wait to see what is in store for my mind this year!

Any other helpful tips for meeting a reading goal (or any goal for that matter)? 
What about book recommendations?

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