Corinne's First Birthday

9:42:00 PM

Everyone knows that first birthday parties aren't really for the one year old, but for their parents. Okay its for the mom. And as long as I admitted that Brett said I was allowed to throw a party. Keep in mind that I also could be having a baby any time so it was a pretty simple party, just in case it had to be cancelled, postponed, and frankly because I am tired!

We invited a bunch of our friends over for a simple lunch with some pasta salad, build your own sandwiches, and cupcakes. Nice and easy and low pressure for anyone! All our friends also happen to have little daughters right now so it was fun to see them all running around outside, kicking a ball around, picking the flowers off the bushes, and generally being adorable. These little girls have grown up playing together their whole lives and I love hearing them chatting and starting to use each others names.

Then of course there was the obligatory first birthday smash cake, followed by a few little presents from us, her friends, and grandparents. The whole thing was done in a short amount of time and the perfect little celebration. I can't wait to do it again next year and start building up the years of memories. If you want to check out the more sentimental updates, check out this post from her birthday.

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