5 Blogs that I Never Miss

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I started reading blogs about the time that Brett and I got married. This was also at about the same time that Pinterest was becoming a thing (I remember having to get my invitation to Pinterest in order to use it to find wedding ideas!) and all my new sisters-in-law had family blogs, so naturally I created one too. Over the next year or so I met a bunch of people who also had blogs, and a few of them have gone on to find success by keeping their blogs going.

Since that time I have followed, unfollowed, read, and commented on many many blogs talking about many different topics. But even though my interests have changed in these last several years, there are a few blogs that I almost never miss. Especially now that I am in newborn mode again and up in the middle of the night looking for things to keep me awake.

So go check out these awesome ladies, show them some love, and maybe you will find a new favorite as well!

I found Janssen's blog through Pinterest while looking for book suggestions. And her book suggestions are wonderful! I follow her on Goodreads as well and I love seeing an update come through. She also writes about other topics like family, food, and fashion. I love how well rounded the whole blog is and how well it keeps me interested.

My friend Elisabeth and I used to live down the street when we were newlyweds and she was my first real "blogging friend". Her blog about motherhood and positivity is often just what i need. It's encouraging for me to see someone who so clearly loves motherhood and yet is also honest about some of the trials. She's just so easy to relate to.

Danica's blog often gives me the pick up that I need. She is never afraid to speak her mind, and often its similar to what is on my mind as well. Her book reviews are great, and her commentary on the world is fabulous. Although we haven't met in real life, her writing style makes it seem like I'm just chatting with a girlfriend at lunch.

I started following Merrick for her DIY and sewing tips years ago. Over the years she has transitioned to more fashion posts, but i still enjoy it. Her style is so realistic to what a mother who cared about fashion would actually wear. And most Fridays she still does a DIY post, which I always Pin and file away for the next time I head to Fabric District.

Abby's hair, beauty, and fashion blog has been sooo helpful for me. I've been trying to step it up lately in the hair and beauty parts of my life and her tutorials are great. Plus, her happy and bubbly personality make me enjoy the videos as well.

So there they are! These are the five ladies that I love reading, and I hope you are able to find inspiration from them as well.

What other blogs do you love and think I should add to my list?

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